Abinader: Police will implement CompStat system, used in NY

The president of the Republic, Luis Abinader, stated this Tuesday that the Government has already installed the CompStat systemwhich serves to monitor criminal acts not only at the national level but by each sector.

The CompStat system was worn by the NYPD during former mayor Rudolph Giuliani and later it was deployed throughout the United States.

During an interview with the presenter Sergio Carlo On his YouTube channel, the head of state indicated that it will be announced to the country in the coming days.

Once installed in the Dominican Republic, the authorities will have reliable statistics, not only at the national level, but also by popular sectors. “That will help us make a diagnosis.”

In the 2016 political campaign, Abinader touted the advice of the former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, to implement the citizen security plan that he executed during his tenure in the Big Apple (1994-2002). In July 2019, Giuliani returned to follow up on the plan, under the premise that if it were applied, “crime would begin to be controlled by 50%.”

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However, when questioned by the presenter about the facts involving police officers, Abinader stated that he cannot change the officers trained 10 years ago and they only have months with new training.

“I don’t have a magic wand”Luis AbinaderRepublic President

The head of state doubted the reliability of the numbers prior to his management on criminal acts in relation to the fact that they were lower. He acknowledged that in the current statistics there is an increase in robberies; however, at present, the number of murders for each 100 thousand inhabitants has dropped and stands at 11when in 2008 was 19.

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Sergio Carlo’s interview with Luis Abinader lasted more than an hour and a half. (EXTERNAL SOURCE.)

He said that the first attempt to reform the National Police has coincided with a pandemic, which has caused an increase in crime around the world, including in the United States, whose cities like New York, have had increases of 30%, Chicago 60% and Florida 15%.

“It is normal that after a crisis or a pandemic, crime increases,” Abigail said.

On deficiency of the 9-1-1 System

When answering the questions of some people, in relation to the weaknesses of the 9-1-1 System, the head of state indicated that the problem has been that it has expanded to other localities without having sufficient ambulances. He said that they tendered 200 ambulances and only 15 have arrived. He indicated that the ambulances take 1.5 seconds longer than in the past to reach the scene.


Sergio Carlo He addressed him about the educational system, to which the president replied that, despite starting teaching in a pandemic, the results in his management were favorable.

Upon entering the administration of the country, Abinader said that 33% of schools did not have drinking water and 7% lacked an electrical system; in addition to the legal knot that existed with some campuses that exceeded the budget.

He added that the Government is working to convert more than 70 high schools into polytechnics and incorporate more children at the initial level.

High cost of the basket

To deal with the high prices, the president said that they are subsidizing oil, which has meant that the gasoline sold in the country is cheaper than in the United States.

To keep prices stable, he added that fertilizers, rice and wheat have been subsidized.

He acknowledged that inflation is global, but “inflation in the DR is lower than in Latin America.”

He said that prices have remained stable because the production of bananas, eggs and other agricultural products have increased.

In addition, the financing of the Agricultural Bank has increased by 40%. Diesel has been subsidized, the president emphasized.

Domain extinction law

Regarding the Domain Forfeiture Bill, the president said that he fully supports that bill and that an agreement will soon be reached in Congress.


Regarding border security, he stressed that a biometric identification system was installed so that gangs do not enter the country. “They know that if it goes in it’s not going to go well for them,” Abinader said of the gangs that keep Haiti in turmoil with kidnappings.

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