Abdulhamid Han started drilling

The new drillship Abdülhamid Han started its first drilling operation in the Yörükler-1 well at its first service station today.

Drilling works in Turkey’s Blue Vatan continue in the Mediterranean with the 4th ship of our country, Abdulhamid Han.

Abdulhamid Han, who was dispatched by President Erdogan last week, reached the Yörükler-1 well, which is his place of duty.

First drilling has begun

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Fatih Dönmez, announced that the Abdülhamid Han drillship has started its first drilling in the Yörükler-1 well.

“We are determined to bring new good news to the Mediterranean”

Minister Donmez, “Our Abdulhamid Han drillship started its first drilling in the Yörükler-1 well today. We are determined to keep the joy of the Black Sea alive with new good news in the Mediterranean this time. With the sweat of our engineers and the prayers of our nation, may our ship be happy and its drilling prosper.” used the phrases.

Abdulhamid Han started his first drilling VIDEO

Abdulhamid Han started drilling #2

Abdulhamid Han started drilling #3

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