Aargauer remodels single-family home in stages

On his way to work, Stephan Mayer (50) happened to see a sale sign in the garden of a property from 1956 in Schneisingen AG. The trained carpenter and father of three daughters immediately got in touch as an interested party. Just a few days later, the family man received a call back because the supposed buyer was refused a bank loan. “The owner was a resident of the retirement home where I worked as a caretaker. She wanted to have a family live in her house. That was my advantage,” says Mayer.

Old house with small rooms and large garden

It is a simple house with small rooms, as there are still a few in this style in the Schneisingen district of Aargau. A small bathroom on the ground floor, another small toilet with sink on the upper floor, a closed kitchen and a closed mini living room, and a small room on the ground floor.

There are also three more bedrooms or children’s rooms on the upper floor. “As was often the case with houses in the 1960s,” explains Mayer. But the house has a large garden, which was a dream come true for the family with the three little girls.

No time and money for renovation work

The Mayer family bought the five-room house with around 900 square meters of land for 570,000 francs in 2007. Except for two carpets in the upper children’s rooms, they left everything for financial reasons for the time being and happiness seemed perfect until the couple married in 2010 separated and Stephan Mayer stayed alone in the house with his three little daughters.



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