A320 and A350 production rate: Airbus has been building fewer aircraft for even longer

The European aircraft manufacturer is ramping up A320 production more slowly than expected. With the A350, Airbus leaves the rate unchanged.

Is Airbus screwing up A320 production soon? It looked like it last week. The French newspaper La Tribune wrote that the manufacturer wanted to increase from the current 40 aircraft in the A320 family to 47 jets in July 2021.

But that is not the case. “The new average production rates for the A320 family will lead to a gradual increase in production from currently 40 aircraft per month to 43 in the third quarter and 45 in the fourth quarter of 2021,” said the aircraft manufacturer on Thursday (January 21).

A350 rate will not be increased for the time being

“This latest production plan represents a slower ramp-up than the 47 aircraft previously planned per month from July,” Airbus continues. This is a “reaction to the market environment”.

The monthly A220 production rate, on the other hand, will increase from four to five aircraft per month as planned from the end of the first quarter. Wide-body aircraft production is expected to remain stable at current levels, with monthly production rates of around five A350s and two A330s. “With this decision, a possible rate increase for the A350 is postponed to a later date,” said Airbus.

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