A young woman denounced that she was not treated in the hospital: she died after three days

A young from 33 to what I passed away for coronavirus in Ro Cuarto had alerted that he did not receive the care corresponding in the New Hospital of that Cordoba town, which was denied by the health center authorities.

Noelia Mercado, student nurse, was hospitalized since last May 31, I passed away in intensive care last Saturday and had reported from his social networks that he does not receive the necessary care.

Ac they let me die Like a dog, alone, I posted on Facebook Market, at 2:04 on Wednesday, June 2, and after death, her mother told local media that “the only thing she could do was write on the networks because she no longer had breath.

The deputy director of the provincial hospital, Valeria Alaniz, spoke today with the local Puntal site, and although she admitted that in a pandemic there are no hands that reach, she assured that the patient had the care corresponding.



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