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Achieving early detection of some kind of abnormality in the body can mean salvation from the possibility of the development of a future serious illness. This is the case of Lee Kinga 43-year-old woman from Perth, Australia.

The woman told her shocking story. It was just another day in her life, when she decided to go to the place of her best friend and her stylist, Ricci Jess, who she trusted most. What looked like a normal haircut, the stylist discovered on Lee’s head a striking blue stain that she had on her head, right next to her ear. The woman even thought that this mark had been a prank of hers, her son Lucas, who could have used a crayon to paint her head. However, his friend gave him some advice that saved his life. He recommended that she go see a dermatologist.

Faced with this situation, the woman did not hesitate and made a medical consultation. The professional who attended her was shocked to see the anomaly on her scalp. She revealed that six months ago she had nothing on her head, after some analysis they determined that it was a blue nevus, a type of mole that is normally benign.

A blue nevus mole.

A haircut saved his life

Even so, Lee did not feel comfortable having this so close to her brain, so she initially underwent two surgeries to remove the mole, however, some traces of the nevus remained, her doctor told her that there was no problem. and he had no reason to worry, in the same way Lee preferred to have a third surgery to remove it completely.

After this she assures that it was a very alarming situation and despite being a positive person, she was really very distressed, until they told her that everything was fine, stating that for her it was “the best news”.

Now Lee assures that “the haircut saved my life” and wants to create awareness in people, so that they constantly check their body, including their scalp, for any suspicious marks.

Lunar nevus azul.

Lunar nevus azul.

What is a blue nevus mole

According to the popular medical magazine Healthline, these moles called nevi can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. One of them is the blue one, which receives that name because of its color, and which are generally benign, and are not a cause for concern. But, as with any mole, it must be watched to see if it does not change over time.

In very rare cases this type of skin condition can be malignant. They usually develop later in life and occur when they begin to look like ulcers on the skin. It can also take on a more nodular or plaque-like shape.

The recommendation is that if one of these blue nevi appears, it is best to visit a dermatologist to rule out that it is a type of skin cancer such as melanoma.

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