A woman is killed by her ex-partner in an incident of gender violence in Cabo Rojo

A 46-year-old woman was murdered this morning by her ex-partner, who later took his life, in events that occurred in the La 15 neighborhood, on the PR-312 highway, in Red Cape, reported the Police Bureau.

Captain Joel gonzalez ramos detailed to The new day that it is the most recent case of gender violence registered on the island, in the middle of New Year’s Eve. The Press Office of the Police Headquarters confirmed that Wanda Ivette Santiago Asencio represents the twelfth (12) woman murdered this year in a case motivated by gender violence.

“In effect, it is a murder-suicide. We have no doubt that (Santiago Asencio) was murdered by him”, Said the officer by phone.

According to the Police investigation, the man, identified as Edil Cabán Vázquez, 50 years old, He deprived himself of his life, after committing the murder, on the same PR-312 highway, although two kilometers away from the first scene. Uniformed agents found his body inside a burgundy Toyota Tacoma that was parked on the road described as a field area.

The PAS Line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help people with suicidal behavior or mental health problems such as: depression, domestic violence and anxiety disorders, among others. If you have or know someone with suicidal thoughts, call 1-800-981-0023 immediately.

The identification of the deceased was possible through interviews with relatives, according to González Ramos. It was even the relatives, said the captain, who confirmed that Cabán Vázquez and Santiago Asencio had a romantic relationship some time ago, and the woman was currently in a relationship with another couple.

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“We corroborate that they had a relationship in the past. She had a new partner and he constantly stalked and followed her “González Ramos specified.

Asked about how the events had occurred, the captain described what happened when Santiago Asencio arrived home after working at night and early in the morning as a caregiver for a sick person.

“Today she entered the complex, after working, to go to her residence and this (her ex-partner) entered behind her, stood in the vehicle next to her and fired the shots”said González Ramos, who today attends the Mayagüez Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC), but heads the Ponce CIC.

To questions from this medium, the officer indicated that there was no prior complaint for gender violence against the alleged murderer.

“They never made a complaint, we know it from the relatives, but they never looked for a protection order, they never called the police, they never sought help from anyone,” the captain lamented.

“Many times the citizens are aware of these problems and do not report them. The Police have specialized units to investigate these incidents and we are here to help them. It is not necessary to reach these situations where two families are tragically affected, because it is not just one family, there are two, “he said.

Both the Police and the Office of the Ombudsman for Women have tools to deal with, confidentially, any report or complaint about a pattern of abuse, mistreatment or situation of gender violence. If you are or know of a person who goes through a similar pattern, you can contact the Police at (787) 343-2020 or with the Office of the Ombudsman for Women at (787) 722-2977.

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González Ramos indicated that they will now wait for the Institute of Forensic Sciences to confirm that the weapon recovered in the car in which the body of Cabán Vázquez was found has the same caliber as the casings recovered at the scene where Santiago Asencio was killed.

During this year, 33 women were murdered, one of them was a minor. Of the total number of femicides, according to the Police, 12 were confirmed as violent deaths that were the result of a pattern of gender violence.




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