A week before the emergency: MMD pulls the club with it – 1. FC Nürnberg

– For 4,000 fans in the Max Morlock Stadium, the dress rehearsal was also a 90-minute journey into the past. With Michael Köllner, Munich finally brought a coach with him to Nuremberg in 1860, who stands for better times at the club. On the pitch, however, at 3-2, a player’s performance was a promise to the future of 1. FC Nürnberg.

A few minutes after the final whistle, you suddenly couldn’t understand your own word and the coach of the down at the fence 1. FC Nuremberg even less. Because one of the countless ex-coaches of 1. FC Nürnberg was celebrating extensively, just like before the kick-off. The Michael-Köllner-Show in the Max-Morlock-Stadion is known from the past, when he also liked to be the first to appear in front of the north curve. But because nobody was there on Saturday, he clapped the people in the main stand and they clapped him.

“When the fans give you such a welcome, it’s always great,” said Köllner. “Nürnberg was a really great time.” That also applied to the first half the day before yesterday, when his Munich Lions uncovered an astonishing number of weaknesses at the club, and the third division team even demonstrated the second division side at times. What Köllner’s successor, of course, had to be quite upset about.

Already “in a really good mood”

It is said to have rattled a lot in the cabin during the break. Robert Klauss actually wanted to see speed with the ball and high intensity against the ball. He saw pretty much the opposite. “Up to the 30th minute we didn’t agree at all,” said Klauss, “so slowly with the ball, too little intensity against the ball.”
They would also have addressed this clearly and unequivocally, one or the other early substitute like Tim Handwerker has to improve enormously during the week. Otherwise Kilian Fischer will start on the left back against Aue on Sunday.

The present coach meets the past: Robert Klauß meets Michael Köllner (right).

The present coach meets the past: Robert Klauß meets Michael Köllner (right).

© Sportfoto Zink / Daniel Marr, Sportfoto Zink / Daniel Marr

The 4,000 spectators still had fun with Michael Köllner or Mats Möller Daehli; When he pushed the ball through Semi Belkahia’s legs or tricked Richard Neudecker on the famous beer mat, there was applause from the scene, and his coach was also somewhat enthusiastic about the Norwegian’s performance. “You could already see today that he is really, really in a good mood, that he was having fun,” said Klauss. What he particularly liked: “That he had the will to turn the game around, that he was dissatisfied with how we initially presented ourselves.” After all, after Erik Shuranov’s 1: 1 (39th), they gradually seemed to reflect on their strengths, which are clearly in the front of the team. In the back, not only in the “simple goals conceded” (Klauß), neither allocation nor room layout was correct.

Sometimes carefree in central defense

In the mutual backward movement, his team often seemed phlegmatic, but had a number of good opportunities in the second half. Often arranged by Möller Daehli, who was on loan from KRC Genk for six months was already committed at the end of May. The long-term contract seems to give him the necessary support. “I try to take on a lot of responsibility,” says Möller Daehli, who is probably the most important player at 1. FC Nürnberg at the moment. Not only because he is hardworking and creative, but also has an influence with his personality. “He’s not a loudspeaker, but still extremely important,” says Klauß, “he pulls the team away.”

On Saturday for the first time since April 24th again over 90 minutes; After a hamstring tore in his thigh, he had to step back for a long time, but now seems to have gotten fit in time. “The last 15, 20 minutes were difficult,” admitted Möller Daehli, who is a constant in Klauss’ starting lineup against Aue (Sunday, 1.30 p.m., Live ticker on nordbayern.de). In which there could still be one or two surprises. “Because of the substitutions, there are more positions that are open,” said Klauss, more than before the 3-2 win against the Löwen. Robin Hack couldn’t really recommend himself for a place in the two-man storm, the central defenders Asger Sörensen and Florian Hübner sometimes seemed a bit too carefree, Tim Handwerker anyway.

Mats Möller Daehli still has a good feeling. But also knows what is important. “We just have to win the first game against Aue, then we’ll look further.”

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