A walk through New York

It is impossible not to look up at the sky trying to reach the end of the buildings that rise arrogantly in the steel and concrete landscape of NY. The first time you feel like a smurf in a world of giants. The spectacular avenues and colossal buildings produce vertigo for even the most experienced traveler, an image that will remain etched in the mind for a long time.

The city never sleeps due to the constant traffic, traffic jams, shows, lights, huge advertisements, limousines, police, firefighters, taxis, street artists, homeless people, jugglers …, just walking through its streets is fun; Any corner will remind us of a movie or television series that we have seen, and hopefully we can see some of its protagonists walking.

Some history

Legend has it that, in the beginning, the Dutch bought the island of Manhattan from the Indians for an amount equivalent to $ 24, calling it New Amsterdam. Later, the English conquered it, renaming it New York, in honor of the Duke of York. During the War of Independence of the United States, the colony was key to getting disassociated from England. Hence, the festival of July 4 is celebrated every year, the independence day.

Welcome to New York

The city is made up of five districts: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. In total there are more than 8.4 million New Yorkers for 830 square kilometers. Indispensable to see neighborhood to neighborhood calmly; they are all different and convey a different spirit.

We will focus on Manhattan, where there is much to see and very varied. Here it is difficult to get lost, since the city has a regular layout, the horizontal streets (from east to west) are known as street, and the vertical ones (from north to south), avenue. The numbering is in increasing order from south to north.


Times Square, the central axis of the city, is a good starting point for the journey, an amazing place always on the move, full of people, cars, advertisements, restaurants, making it impossible not to visit this area without taking a thousand photographs.

Midtown hotels are very well located since we are in the main artery of the island, and staying in one of them will allow us to get around the city quickly and easily. There are them of all prices and for all tastes, but we recommend three: The Setai Fifth Avenue, a true oasis urban in the heart from the city; The Carlton, one of the most elegant, and the Room Mate Grace, a modern hotel that has a lounge, where the disc-jockeys put rhythm to the night on Fridays and Saturdays.

We will take the opportunity to visit the Great Central Terminal, one of the largest train terminals in the world, inside which has a shopping center with more than one hundred businesses. Nearby we can find the
Rockefeller center
, a commercial complex with shops, theaters, bars and even an open-air skating rink open in winter. Three terraces located on the top can be visited to obtain another panoramic view of the city. We can also find one of the most famous theaters in the world, the Radio City Music Hall, built in 1932. In this area we will also find the buildings of General Electricthe of Chrysler and the MetLife, authentic architectural avant-gardes of its time, and we must not forget the United Nations building, on 42nd street with 1st Avenue.

Next to Times Square is
, an avenue famous worldwide for its shows. It is essential to buy a ticket to see a musical and to enjoy the New York night. The avenue is already a spectacle in itself.

But without a doubt, the city’s iconic building is the
Empire State Building. Opened on May 1, 1931 by President Hoover, it currently holds the title of tallest building in the city after the destruction of the Twin Towers. It is a natural observatory and can be visited on its 86th floor, and if the weather is good on the 102nd floor. At night the views are impressive. It is recommended to buy tickets online to avoid long queues.

Other places of interest are the Madison Square Garden, temple of the world-wide sport spectacle and the warehouses Macy´s, to go crazy with shopping.


It is the oldest area of ​​the city and it has become a good place to take a leisurely stroll, rest for a while, eat in one of its famous restaurants or have a drink late at night.

We start the march in Greenwich Village where the bohemian and avant-garde spirit of the past still persists. The heart of the Village, Washington Square Park, It is always animated by artists, passers-by, tourists and students.

We continue for the West Village one of the greenest areas of the city, very crowded in the summer time. We continue towards Meatpacking District, the more cool. Here is the Pastis restaurant, known for appearing in the series Sex in New York, but to meet the “beautiful” people of the city it is necessary to have dinner or a drink in the Buddakann.

We resume the path to Lower East Side, without a doubt the best neighborhood to party. They highlight the Home sweet home, more alternative, and the 230 fith, with a good atmosphere, good music and a priceless panoramic view.

Later on, the Soho, an area that has gone from being a degraded area to the most trendy from the city, with numerous fashion stores, luxury hotels and multiple art galleries that remind us that it was once the preferred place for artists. Next we come to Tribeca, one of the most sought-after and desirable neighborhoods to live. Some celebrities have established their residence here.

The change between neighborhoods is noticeable, especially when reaching Little Italy and Chinatown, so called because immigrants from these countries settled in these areas. Although both maintain a certain charm, they are no longer what they were. In little Italy you can eat well for a good price and in Chinatown you can buy top brand fakes and visit the live fish market, so it’s worth checking out.

To finish we come to Federal Hall, in it is the building of the Bag and the Federal Hall, place where George Washington was sworn in as president of the United States of America. Free of charge you can visit the tribute monument to those killed in the World Trade Center attacks,
the National September 11 Memorial
. Important to get the ticket in advance or you will not be able to visit.

At this point, in Battery Park, we have two options; visit the Statue of Liberty – Friendship gift of the people of France to the people of the United States that celebrates its 125th anniversary this year-, taking a specific ferry, there are many details, cocktail cruises and dinner at sunset to enjoy the charm of the Statue , or we can take the ferry taxi to Staten IslandIt is free and runs every ten minutes, it passes very close to the Statue. If we choose this second option, the recommendation is to go to the Golden’s Deli, at 2845 Richmond in. Ave on Staten Island, the only restaurant with a real New York subway car as part of its decor.

On the other side of the port is the Brooklyn bridge linking the two districts, it is a symbol of the city and one of the most photographed places in the world. Currently the bridge has two levels, the lower one where vehicles circulate, and the upper one for pedestrian use and bike lanes. It is best to take the subway to Clark Street in Brooklyn or if you prefer a taxi and walk back to the island through the bridge, about an hour’s walk. If we have time before we return we can enjoy the fantastic views dining at the River Café in Brooklyn, a restaurant with a lot of glamor and elegance.


Right in the center of the island is a park to retreat to when the city turns into a jungle, the Central park. The park borders 110th Street to the north, Central Park West to the west, 59th Street to the south, and Fifth Avenue to the east. It has an area of ​​more than 341 hectares, it has two skating rinks, gardens, monuments, a carousel and several artificial lakes, a perfect place to get lost. If we are very tired we can rent a horse carriage to tour the park comfortably.

On weekends it is full of skaters, joggers, dancers and cyclists and there are always free events. Important to visit the Strawberry Fields near the Dakota Apartments, there is the John Lennon memorial plaque.

To regain strength nothing better than to approach the Two Little Red Hens, a cafe with spectacular sweets muffins, cookiescakes cakes cupcakes, all absolutely delicious.

Around the park are the majority of the city’s museums, among which the
, the
Withney Museum
, the
American Museum of Natural History
, the
Metropolitan Museum of Art
, or the

We can end the visit by taking a tour of the famous Fifth Avenue, It begins north of Washington Square Park, in Greenwich Village, and extends to the Harlem River. So many kilometers give a lot of themselves so that we can move between completely different environments. We can marvel at the windows of the most luxurious stores, such as Apple, Prada, Tifanny or Cartier, products available to very few, it is clear that this was the area where the great billionaires lived.


Above Central park are the neighborhoods of Harlem and the Spanish Harlem Population African American and Hispanic par excellence.

Typically, you approach Harlem to hear a gospel massThe most touristy is the Abyssinian Baptist Church, which opens its doors to tourists on Sundays at 11 in the morning.

The image of yesteryear no longer exists, the neighborhood has now radically changed, you can stroll calmly without fear, but it is not convenient to get too far from the center. Of interest is the Apollo Theater, theater in which great music figures such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, were discovered during their amateur nights … we can also taste southern food (soul food) at Amy Ruth’s Home-Style Southern Cuisin or Red Rooster.

Washington Heights

In this neighborhood the majority of the population is of Dominican origin. The highlights are The Cloisters, in Fort Tryon Park, with spectacular views of the Hudson River. It is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is dedicated to medieval European art and culture, it consists of five cloisters from the 12th to the 14th centuries brought from France and Spain stone by stone.

NY It is a city that deserves to be discovered through good walks, you have to wear a good shoe and be prepared to get tired, there is a lot to see and visit, and above all you have to perceive the accelerated pulse of the city, it is time to launch to adventure and experience everything that has been seen and read about the city.

Breathtaking views of New York skyscrapers

– Have breakfast coffee and donut of the trucks that are installed on the streets in the morning.

– Test the
with cream cheese it is a classic; the most famous are H&H Bagels.

– Try the

– Almost all the renowned restaurants have a menu of the day, an excellent option to enjoy fine cuisine at a good price. We recommend Moma cafe, very “posh”.

– Eat an excellent hamburger or hot dog on the street or in the award-winning Shake Shack.

– The most daring can see the city in helicopter, there are several companies that make the journey.

– Go to shopping in Soho, very fashion.

– You have to take time to visit the museums. Buy the CityPass save money.

– Have a drink in one of the
Rooftop bar
(terraces) of the city, it is very fashionable.

– See the city at night. There are excursions with limousine included.

Listen to jazz live in one of its bars like the Fat cat. Another iconic venue is The Carlyle Café, where Woody Allen and Eddy Davis’s band meet every Monday. Look before the prices.

country: United States
State: NY
Total area: 301 km2
Population : 8,214,426 inhabitants
Average temperatures: January (minimum) -3.3º. July (maximum) 38º

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