A violent attack by Moufida Shiha on Sherine Abdel Wahab’s mother: Put her in your arms

The media, Moufida Shiha, violently attacked the mother of the artist, Sherine Abdel Wahab, because of the great crisis she is currently facing, and about which she spoke yesterday with the media, Amr Adib, in his program.

Moufida Shiha supports Sherine Abdel Wahab in her crisis

“The actress Sherine Abdel Wahab is going through a psychological and health crisis, and I blame her mother and brother for their television statements and for exposing her secrets and personal circumstances,” said the journalist, Moufida Shiha.

Useful advice Shiha to the mother of Sherine Abdel Wahab

Speaking on the Al-Satat program broadcast on Al-Nahar TV, Moufida said: “I appeal to Sherine’s family… to hold her in your arms, and she does not have the people close don’t need her

And she continued, “I say to Sherine Abdel Wahab’s family, if you want this wealth that helps at home and opens your homes, you will choose a working woman and continue her work, and this is a serious wrong for the mother to call Amr Adeeb on the air and inform him of all Sherine’s behavior because she is your daughter, and the brother is the back and the supposed tape contains his sister, not He talks negatively and badly about it. “

Useful advice Shiha to Sherine Abdel Wahab

Moufida added, “The biggest damage Sherine Abdel Wahab suffered was from her family when they thought they would waste her on social media and on screens. Let her rest, treat herself, calm down psychologically, release her first album and become happy, and we all fall into mistakes and fall into difficult psychological states.”

She gave advice to Sherine and said: “I say to Sherine Abdel Wahab, each of us goes through circumstances, and your daughters are first, you need, and your audience loves you, and you wait for you to make songs stronger to make as the first.

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