A veterinarian from Florida, in the United States, who created and shared videos in which he was seen sexually abusing dogs, and who also collected child pornography from the network, He was sentenced this Friday to more than 21 years in prison as reported by the Prosecutor’s Office that tried him.

Prentiss K. Madden, a licensed professional veterinarian who had his practice in Aventura, southeast Florida, was convicted of producing videos of himself “engaging in sexual activity with dogs and sharing them with others in chats”, said the public ministry in a statement.

Madden “videotaped himself sexually abusing dogs and shared the bestiality videos online,” the report detailed.

Animal abuse. A dog crammed into a cage. Photo: Lady FreeThinker.

The cell phone a key piece to catch the veterinarian who abused dogs

According to the official information, the vet kept these “bestiality videos as well as bestiality talks”, on their cell phones.

Aothers, indicates the Prosecutor’s Office, he is also guilty of accessing a Dropbox account that contains images of child pornography, receive photos and videos through social media chats, and talk about child sexual abuse during chats.

The judge contemplated when passing the sentence, of 272 months in prison, the storage of thousands of images of child pornography on your Dropbox account and cell phones.

Dog-abusing vet pleaded guilty

On July 29, Madden had pleaded guilty to three counts of receiving child pornography, one for possession of child pornography and another for the creation of a video with animal abuse, the latter based on a federal statute that punishes acts of torture animaHim, including bestiality.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, this case was presented as part of the Safe Childhood Project, a national initiative to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse.

The initiative, which brings together federal, state and local resources, was launched in 2006 by the Department of Justice to “Better locate, detain and prosecute persons who exploit children over the Internet, as well as to identify and rescue victims.”

Animal abuse.  It is punished in the United States.  Photo / file

Animal abuse. It is punished in the United States. Photo / file

Donald Trump and the law against animal abuse

In 2019, animal lovers in the United States celebrated that President Donald Trump signed a bill on cruelty to animals making it a federal crime.

The bipartisan bill, Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act, criminalizes certain acts of cruelty to animals.

“Passing this legislation is a great victory in the effort to stop cruelty to animals and make our communities safer, “had assured Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

“Deranged individuals who harm animals often go on to commit violence against people. It is appropriate that the federal government has strong cruelty to animals laws and punishments “, sentenced Toomey.

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