a very common, but very complex condition

It is a condition that occurs often, but we do not have the perfect treatment: Dr. Noel Rosado Adames.

Doctor Noel Rosado, ophthalmologist specialized in cornea.

With the arrival of the pandemic and the increase in the use of electronic devices as the main means of communication, eye conditions have become increasingly common due to the constant use of these devices. One of the main reasons for consultation, has been due to symptomatological pictures that correspond to the dry eye syndrome.

In order to delve into this condition, we must understand that the tear film is divided into three structures: In the first instance, there is the lipid layer, then there is the aqueous layer or zone and finally the mucin layer. When there is an imbalance in any of these, or in all these structures, it is most likely that we will begin to present symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome.

Through an interview for the Journal of Medicine and Public Health, Dr. Noel Rosado, an ophthalmologist specializing in cornea, explained that this condition is multifactorial, as there are also external conditions that affect eye health: “The use of antihistamine drugs or some very common for psychiatric conditions can make the discomfort worse. “

In Puerto Rico, the high level of allergens Contained in the environment can also lead to this condition, more so because the island is prone to receiving what is meteorologically known as the dust of the Sahara, or even the mere presence of pollen can exacerbate and affect the normal production of tears.

Affectations eyepieces of the digital age

Studies have shown that this condition is more common in older people than in young people, without this meaning that young patients cannot suffer from dry eye syndrome, since there are factors inherent to young people that can cause this affectation, such as misuse of contact lenses, or prolonged exposure to screens.

The specialist assures that, when human beings focus on a certain action, we reduce the number of blinks and this results in dry eyes. This is not a voluntary inconvenience, but rather an involuntary one.

“Before this occurred when we watched television, now it occurs due to prolonged use of computers or cell phones,” he said, “I recommend taking a break every hour, looking into the distance when working from a computer for 2 or 3 minutes, this will help us minimize some of the problems that we are seeing right now. “

General recommendations and treatment

Being one condition multifactorial, the cause of the condition must be identified in order to start treatment, however, artificial tears or lubricating drops are the first line of treatment: “If with artificial tears (the patients) do not improve, it is necessary to do a step therapy in which other ocular medications such as some anti-inflammatories can be used. Plugs of the tear ducts can also be used so that the tears remain longer around the eye and this helps to treat the symptoms of dry eye “, explained the expert.

Unfortunately, there is still no definitive and generalized treatment that allows to completely eradicate the symptoms and discomfort derived from this condition and that is why, the specialist, is very clear with his patients when explaining that it is one condition chronic that has no cure, but there are different alternatives that provide comfort.

Now, when a line of treatment is not started, it is likely that the patient, in a severe stage, may experience blurred vision all the time, pain and inflammation of the eyes that can lead to healing problems and this, in turn , loss of vision.

The main recommendation is not to stop attending the ophthalmological consultation to make a more accurate diagnosis, and to be able to rule out the relationship of dryness with other conditions that may not have much to do with the eyes, such as lupus, arthritis and the syndrome of Sjögren.

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