A “valuable catch” on Mars. Scientists await the arrival of the monster

According to the “Washington Post” newspaper, the samples extracted by the rover on Mars show signs of “a past when there was water,” and they also contain organic molecules, equivalent to the known ingredients of life.

The scientists overseeing the mission say that the exploration vehicle took the samples and preserved them in special tubes to bring them to Earth in the future.

And the scientists of the “Mars Rover” mission explain that the captured rock sample has the appropriate “chemical properties” to suggest the presence of ancient life on Mars.

This “discovery” was referred to in detail in three detailed studies published on Wednesday, two of them in the journal “Science” and the other in the journal “Science Advances”.

Geology researcher at NASA, Abigail Alliwood, a participant in the scientific project, was amazed by the discovery and said that the researchers noticed a large presence of organic matter in the rock sample.

The Australian scientist added that one of the studies revealed that the rock samples were exposed to three events and stations, in which they were exposed to water.

Based on the possible presence of water, the researchers believe that at least small organisms existed on the Red Planet, but scientists will know more when the samples return to Earth.

The rover landed on Mars on February 18, 2021 and has been roaming the planet’s surface ever since.

NASA plans to send another spacecraft to collect the samples obtained by the vehicle, and it is likely that it will reach Earth within the next decade.

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