A vaccine that prevents and destroys cancer at the same time

The potential vaccine based on live cancer cells makes it possible both to kill the tumor directly and to develop anti-tumor immunity.

Researchers have developed a new approach to cell therapycell therapy double acting. It makes it possible to eliminate the tumors already established, but also to induce a immunityimmunity in the long term by training the immune systemimmune system in order to prevent the recidivismrecidivism of cancercancer. The team tested this dual-action vaccine in an advanced mouse model of glioblastoma, a deadly brain cancer. Research results are published in Science Translational Medicine.

Typically, scientists administer inactivated tumor cells to induce a powerful anti-tumor immune response. However, the effectiveness of this approach is limited by its inability to kill tumor cells upstream, unlike live tumor cells which possess the unusual characteristic of targeting tumors. Using the editing tool GenoaGenoa CRISPR-Cas9, the researchers modified these living cells to release a tumor cell-killing agent.

Towards a therapeutic cancer vaccine

Modified therapeutic tumor cells have improved survival and long-term immunity in humanized micehumanized mice with glioblastoma. Indeed, the tests were carried out on different strains of mice, including the one that porteporte cells of bone marrowbone marrow, liver and thymus derived from humans. In addition, the research team incorporated a two-level safety switch into the cancer cell to prevent the initiation of secondary tumors if necessary.

Cell therapy has been shown to be safe, applicable and effective in these models. The researchers now hope to transpose their good results to develop a therapeutic cancer vaccine. They report that this strategy is applicable to a wider range of tumors and that further research into its applicationsapplications are necessary.

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