A triple vehicle collision leaves an injured woman on Route 34

The driver of a car would have fallen asleep and ended up colliding with two trucks. The injured person was his companion.

Hoy 23:21

Around 7:00 p.m. this Tuesday, a car driving along Route 34 at km 532, between Real Sayana and Casares, it brushed against a truck and then ended up colliding head-on with another transport.

According to what was reported by police sources, in the Peugeot 206 car a family group from Buenos Aires was traveling to Tucumán. Upon arriving at the aforementioned place, the driver fell asleep, losing control of the vehicle, rushing into a truck that he brushed against and then colliding head-on with a second truck; both traveling in the opposite direction of the car.

The driver of the minor vehicle was identified as 43-year-old Luis Fernando Suárez, along with 63-year-old Carmen Isabel Avila, who was injured, 21-year-old Laura Pumara and 15-year-old Agustín Suárez, all residing in Tucumán.

While the first Mercedes Benz brand truck was driven by Rubén Avalos, 40, who transported from Jujuy to Buenos Aires; and the Renault Truck that was involved was driven by 46-year-old Héctor Bohl, coming from Quimilí to Entre Ríos, transporting corn.

The ambulance and health personnel of the health postwho assisted the injured woman and transferred her to the Colonia Dora Hospital.

Police personnel from the Real Sayana Detachment and the 55th Icaño Police Station also worked at the location.

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