A TikTokeur is called a “macaque” in the street by a stranger, he broadcasts the video: “She dehumanized me”

captures Instagram et TikTok @akamztweenty

This video has had the effect of a bomb on social networks. Akamztwenty20 is a famous TikTokeur with more than 21 million subscribers from 578 million “I like”. It is probably a given that the woman, who called him “macaque” in the street after a small stampede for which he apologized, seemed unaware.

This Monday, therefore, on his TikTok account, Akamz posted this video now seen nearly 7 million times, and taken after being the victim of racism. We see a woman of a certain age being taken over by the young man who asks her (very) many times “Who’s the macaque?” so that she takes responsibility for her words.

“How do you talk to people?”

The woman does not repeat or apologize at any time, panics, threatens to call the police, and is visibly afraid of the influencer who assails her with her same question. This woman tries to challenge passers-by in the street to defend her and help her, but none of them comply: all of them are themselves shocked by the comments made by this woman. “Did you really say that to this gentleman?”asks one of them, who finally goes his way. “It’s not said, that, how do you talk to people?”

Later, the woman continues to flee and claims that Akamz is on drugs. The crowd denies his words and supports the young man: “No Ma’am, he’s not on drugs. He’s trying to get you to understand something but you can’t hear him.” Akamz later clarified that he does not drink or use drugs and proudly wears the Catholic cross around his neck.

“It hurt me extremely badly”

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Finally, in his video, the TikTokeur drops the case and goes home. In a long interview given to our colleagues from Parisian, he returns to this scene which deeply shocked him. “It sent me back to a primitive status, it dehumanized me, it hurt me extremely” he delivers in front of the camera. He also explains his insistence here: “It was the first time that I was told this kind of thing head-on (…) I was pissed off, you have to be respectful in those moments but you can’t let it go”he analyzes. I knew I couldn’t have a constructive exchange with her so I wanted her to repeat it so she could realize what she had said.”

Efforts that were in vain given the reaction of this lady on the video. And though the video was a runaway hit, Akamz’s notoriety didn’t save it. “nothing about racism”, he says. “Whether one is rich or poor, it is the same…”



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