A teenager molested Safinaz and looked at her chest, and so I exposed him!

The Egyptian dancer, Safinaz, revealed a person who was harassing her and looking at her chest, on her personal page on the social networking site.
Safina published a picture of the teenager looking at her chest at a party she was celebrating, and wrote a comment in which she said: “What is this?”
The photo sparked controversy among the followers, and they interacted with it and circulated it on their pages.
Safinaz underwent a new photo session and chose to be located on a yacht in the middle of the sea. She appeared in several looks, one of which was published on her own page on the social networking site, while the second look was a white swimsuit, in which she demonstrated her grace and body in front of the photographers who were taking pictures of her.
Safinaz asked for the public’s opinion about her appearance, and he was divided between those who praised her and those who criticized her and asked her to choose modest clothes outside the scope of her work.
It is noteworthy that Safinaz performs in many evenings and parties and has received exceptional success.


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