The return to the presence in some cases found the students a little more unmotivated than usual. So many months of virtuality in education led to some discouragement that was difficult to overcome. From that place of empathy “for everything that had happened during the pandemic this year and a half” is that Daiana Amores, a young Biology teacher created her own grading system based on memes and stickers. In turn, the video in which he shows how he does it on TikTok already has more than half a million visits.

In “Don’t sing victory” we rescue this beautiful little story of a 25-year-old teacher who began to correct the work of her students with memes and stickers recognizable by all. Daiana Amores is from Entre Rios and there she teaches Biology, Jazz Dance and will soon also have the title of Professor of Chemistry. Without a doubt, teaching is everything for Daiana.



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