A surprise visit. Pope Francis went to a music store in central Rome – News

According to Vatican News, Pope Francis is a former customer of the “Stereosound” store, located near the Pantheon, in the historic center of Rome: he already frequented the space when he was still Archbishop of Buenos Aires and had to go to the Italian capital.

The Pontiff was at the establishment on Tuesday afternoon, around 7:00 pm local time, and stayed there for 10 minutes, where he spoke with Letícia, the owner, and blessed the recently modified space.

But Francisco did not leave the store empty-handed: he was offered a classical music record. The store owner made few statements about what happened, having only said that the Pope is “an old customer” and that today’s visit was “beautiful” and “full of humanity”.

However, it is not the first time that the Pope has made such surprise visits. As an example, the episode in 2015, when he went to an optician in the center of Rome to change the frames of his glasses, or the time, in 2016, when he entered an orthopedic shop near the Vatican, stands out.


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