A study by Fresenius ensures that Spain surpasses Germany and the US in digitizing medicine

DIARIOFARMA | 05.31.2021 – 12:43

Spain is at the forefront in digitization of medicine, far ahead of Germany and the United States. This is the main conclusion that emerges from a study carried out by Fresenius and Allensbach on the digitization of medical services in the three countries.

Respondents agreed that digitization is altogether an opportunity for medicine. There is also a quorum that the pandemic is acting as an accelerator of digitization in the healthcare sector.

More than half of the Spanish participants in the study affirm that the digitization of medicine is already playing an important role in the interconnection of health centers, disease diagnosis and telemedicine. This is more than evident in the latter, where patients come into very direct contact with digitization. In fact, 55% of Spaniards and 43% of Americans consider telemedicine to be very important, while only 16% of Germans make this statement.

There are big differences between countries in the simplest digital offers in the medical field, for example in online reservations. In Spain, 55% of those surveyed claim to be able to book an appointment online with their family doctor. In Germany the figure is only 15%. Consequently, user rates are very far apart, with Spain being the country where the most patients have made an online appointment with their doctor (42%).

A significant number of study participants believe that increased digitization tends to offer opportunities for the healthcare sector. Half of the Spanish respondents believe that digitization may have more benefits than drawbacks for medicine. In fact, your preferences are clear. Spaniards hope that waiting times will be reduced, that costs will be saved thanks to greater efficiency and that the quality of health care will increase as especially positive effects.

In the United States and Germany the preferences are similar between the two but very different with respect to Spain. Americans and Germans hope that therapies will be better tailored to each patient and that treatment options will improve overall.

The populations of the three countries are closely aligned on the advances they consider welcome. Above all, in the introduction of digital medical records and the expansion of telemedicine services. In addition, around a third of the inhabitants of the three countries under study consider it desirable that personal health data be recorded with the help of applications.

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