A soldier of Elizabeth II knocks down a child in his path: the video that shocks

Impassive, skittish and completely devoted to their mission. Her Majesty’s soldiers are not known for their tact. But one of them went too far on a patrol at the Tower of London and somewhat shocked some of the British. It is a video widely distributed on social networks that fueled the debates.

We see a Coldstream guard, an infantry regiment responsible for protecting the royal palaces, carrying a child who is a little too curious in his path. Determined, the soldier just walked forward, crushing the toddler before stepping over him with a sure step. The footage has been viewed almost 4 million times on the TikTok platform and has generated a lot of comments. “After the incident, the soldier inquired about the child and was assured that all was well “, asserted an army spokesman to unpin the situation. More fear than harm ?

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