A sociologist from Yekaterinburg opened her own business for the production of author’s soap |

And more interesting: it turned out that starving customers are most indifferent to gourmand flavors: chocolate, raspberry sherbet, Laotian figs and mangoes, cinnamon and orange, creamy marshmallows. They seem to “eat” them.

For five years of work with the Altai center, we have created such a huge line of cosmetics, which, probably, no other manufacturer has. The batches can be small, conditionally – 200 scrubs, but every month or two we make new products. Unconditional hits, such as “oatmeal with milk and honey”, of course, remain forever.

“Oatmeal …” – the most beloved girl. It smells like French cookies and contains, as the name implies, powdered oatmeal, natural honey and powdered milk. And the eternal hit is lemongrass. There are no flavorings and dyes there: vegetable powders give color – spirulina, moringa, neem, lemongrass. The fragrance is lemongrass essential oil.

They also love classic coffee scrubs. I have anti-cellulite (with ginger and red pepper) and moisturizing (with milk and honey).

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