A shock that shakes the artistic community… The secret behind Muhammad Ramadan’s hiding his father’s profession from everyone… You will never believe what he was doing without anyone knowing!

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The legend, Mohamed Ramadan, succeeded in being the focus of the attention of critics and followers of Egyptian drama, after his remarkable performance in cinematic works.

The young artist, Mohamed Ramadan, was born in Qena Governorate, Egypt in 1988. He loved acting since his childhood and participated in the school theater. He was even selected three times for the award for the best talented actor in the Republic of Egypt.

He began his artistic career through small roles in a number of works, including the movie “Hamada Plays” and the play “Qa’idin Leh” in 2005.

He began his career with brilliance and absolute heroism in Egyptian drama through his role in the series “Ibn Halal”, which achieved great success in 2014.

He drew attention with his performance in the series “Al Ostoura”, which achieved the highest viewership rates in Ramadan in 2016, and everyone in the championship, Ferdous Abdel Hamid, participated in the championship.

Muhammed Ramadan’s father

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, surprised his fans and followers, earlier, by sharing a picture of him with his father, Ramadan Mahmoud Hegazy.

Ramadan wrote, commenting on the photo he posted on his Instagram account: “My dear father, what he can do is to build two men named Mahmoud Ramadan and Muhammad Ramadan. And for the record, building a man is more difficult than building a city. They are always satisfied.”

The father of Muhammad Ramadan, who worked as a tailor, has always been away from the spotlight or his son’s participation in various occasions, and Ramadan has not published pictures of him with his father before through his accounts on social networking sites.

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In November 2015, the journalist, Khairy Ramadan, had a dialogue with the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, at his home, on his “Possible” program on the CBC screen, and during the episode, Ramadan accompanied his entire family, namely his brother Mahmoud Ramadan, his sister Iman Ramadan, his mother and wife, but his father did not appear.

The absence of Muhammad Ramadan’s father drew the attention of the presenter of the program, which prompted him to ask Ramadan, saying: “I have an absent part in this dialogue..and it is the the extent that I suspected that the father either passed away by God, or there is a separation and I do not live with you.” And after Ramadan : “This is praying above.”

Ramadan added, speaking about his father: “My father is everything, the most merciful heart in the world, we are walking with his blessing, I am my father, God Almighty. newspapers, then the Qur’an, because praise be to God, the preserver of the entire Qur’an.”

He continued: “I learned from my father commitment, he does not care about anything in the world, and he is the source of comedy in my life and the most laughable person, a comedy stemming from instinct, and I was surprised that my father’s only ambition in life is us, that we are good and better, the top of his ambition was that he The pilgrimage comes, and after he did the pilgrimage, after all his ambitions, it is only us, I have good luck that our Lord has judged a father and a mother the top of their ambition in life that their children are good.

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