A scientist’s answer to the question about vaccines raised by Cande Tinelli

In the middle of the third and massive wave of coronavirus infections that crosses the country, Cande Tinelli raised some questions about the efficacy of the vaccine. “Existential doubts about Covid”, She captioned along with a photo of her on her Instagram stories.

“You are vaccinated to have antibodies, but you are still infected, you do not fall into intensive care, but you can asymptomatically infect a lot of people who are also vaccinated or not, which in turn these people see people who you do not know if they are at risk of any kind ”, He reflected.

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And he added: “On the other hand, the antigen test can give you negative, but DO NOT relax because it can be false negative, then do a PCR that costs 8 thousand pesos, since the free swab shifts collapse. Almost all of us are vaccinated but there are millions of infected with both doses ”.

Thus, he stated that “she’s re dizzy”. “So what’s up? Did I get the fart shot or is it okay, or what the fuck? Who is to blame for all this? Ourselves? I got lost ”, he closed.

A scientist’s response to doubts

After the release of the influencer, the scientist from Conicet, Fabricio Ballarini, left him a message and shared it through a video on his Twitter account. “Hi Cande, you did not vaccinate the fart”He began by telling her.

“Thanks to vaccines, we can prevent serious diseases and death. Join and communicate science to your 4 million followers. Atte. A scientist ”, he concluded.




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