A saleswoman sweeps TikTok for serving a disabled child with sign language

In today’s world, empathy is an important element to understand the problems and needs of other people, as was the case of the saleswoman in a store in Spain, who became a trend in the Chinese social network, TikTok, for being extremely kind and understanding with a client with a disabilityfor which he earned more than one praise for his supportive behavior.

the protagonist is called Holy Bethlehem (@santobelen__), who has just over 250,000 followers on this platform, the same platform that has been giving a lot to talk about because of his experience when he had to attend to a deaf child in the city of VitoriaSpain, which is why it has accumulated, up to now, around 5.4 million views. And the number continues to grow.

In the video, the young woman begins her story in this way: “There was a boy who kept looking at me when I entered the store, and I paid more attention to him. I realized he was deaf when I saw a device in his ear. Of course, he was looking at me because with the mask he didn’t know if he was talking to him or not.”

Belén tells on TikTok the outstanding gesture she had with a child with disabilities

Noticing this, Belén decided to resort to sign language to give her the “gracias, before which, narrates, the minor felt very pleased. “And the boy got very excited,” he said. But this did not end here, as he revealed that after this experience with the little boy, he made an important decision that has earned him much recognition in TikTok.

All week I was learning words and phrases in sign language to be able to tell him something whenever he came in because I saw a lot of emotion in his eyes,” added Belén, who appears to be around 20 years old. In this same sense, she expressed that, when the boy returned to her store, she asked him “hello, how are you?”, To which the infant, very happy, replied: “Fine”.

On Instagram, Belén has more than 40 thousand followersInstagram @santobelen_

Immediately, the comment box of this publication was filled with compliments and congratulations for Belén: “It is appreciated that there are people with those gestures”; “It’s people like you that are cool. There is an app called Spread The Sign, which is like a sign language dictionary”; “my parents are also deaf and few people understand sign language”; “these little details are the bestwhether in a jelly bean store or being an engineer, what difference does it make”, were some of the reactions of TikTok users.

In her profile, Belén joins the classic trends that accumulate millions of reproductions throughout the social network and around the world, while recounting situations from her personal life. However, none of his videos swept as many views as the one that exposes the considerate gesture he had with the child.

In the world, there are more than 300 sign languages. Meanwhile, each country handles its own language. as pointed out TelesurTv : “The curious thing in this case is that they are different, although the spoken language is shared. A) Yes, Signers do not communicate in the same way in Mexico as in Spain or Cubaalthough the common language is Spanish”.



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