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The Russian immunologist and allergist Vladimir Polibuk explained the reason for the “disappearance” of asymptomatic coronavirus patients in Russia.

Polibok said there were fewer asymptomatic patients during the fourth wave of infections in Russia.

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According to the specialist, the main reason for the “disappearance” of asymptomatic carriers is the speed with which the “delta” strain attacks the human body.

He said, “In my opinion, now the number of asymptomatic patients with coronavirus in the country has decreased because there are more patients who are asymptomatic, that is, those who feel unwell and go to the doctor, and the latest graphs show that. This is because the “delta” strain of virus Corona has become more ferocious, not only transmitting faster from one person to another, but also spreading faster from one cell to another inside the human body.

In an interview with Russian radio “Sputnik”, Polybuk said that the immune system does not have time to ward off infection, so more people suffer from symptoms of the Corona virus.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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