A Russian Colonel in Charge of Carrying the Nuclear Briefcase Shot Down: What Happened?

Vadim Zimin is a retired colonel in the Russian secret service. His main mission was to keep in a safe place the briefcase containing the codes for the use of the Russian nuclear weapon. Moreover, he always accompanied ex-president Boris Yeltsin on his travels. So an important role. Under Vladimir Putin, he continued his career in the Kremlin security service to the rank of colonel. The media also point out that his role is not entirely clear within the ex-FSB.

This week, we learned that the 53-year-old man had been found shot, according to several English media. It was his brother who found him lying on the ground with a bullet in the head. Despite the impact and the pool of blood in which Zimin lay, he did not die instantly. The Russian colonel is still seriously injured and is in intensive care.

How to explain that this former high place of the Kremlin was attacked? In reality, Vadim Zimin was the target of a criminal investigation in Russia. He is accused of taking bribes when he held a high position in the Russian customs service, according to the Mirror. The interested party has always denied the facts.

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