A renowned bank is looking for Argentine employees and pays salaries of more than $200,000: How to apply? | Chronicle

The company aims to expand its employee base and, through the social employment network Linkedinreported that it is in the search for six jobs available to cover different areas in the Buenos Aires province.

It is the Santander bank, a Spanish financial entity with registered office in Santander, Cantabria which, according to its website, aims to be “The best open platform for financial services, acting responsibly and earning the trust of our employees, customers, shareholders and society.”

“We want to be the best open platform for financial services, diverse, inclusive and bold and, for that, we need people who want to write an unpublished story in the local industry and that they have a lot, but a lot of drive”, assured the financial company, being that they indicated that they are changing the way of conceiving, designing and developing products.

As reported by the company, it is promoting and leading a cultural transformation: “All people are welcome and can become protagonists of this process, regardless of sex, gender identity, age, disability, ethnicity, religion, nationality.” And he stated: “We only care about talent and the desire to break it”expressed from the firm.

All vacancies reported by the firm are for hybrid mode of work and people who are interested in applying for jobs, can do so through LinkedIn or even by entering this link. Once you have entered the link, and having chosen the vacancy of interest, you must press the option “Apply for” to submit your resume and apply as a candidate.

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It should be noted that the average monthly salary in Santander of a Project Leader in Argentina is $217,947; $119,911 for a Product Analyst; $120,000 for a Data Analyst and $183,209 for a Product Specialist, according to the Glassdoor portal.

These are the jobs available at Banco Santander

Project Lead

  • Graduate of university careers such as Business Administration or similar areas. It is a plus to have a postgraduate degree or specialization.
  • Knowledge of agile methodologies, Azure Project or a similar tool.
  • Knowledge of financial trends (means of payment) and experience in the financial and digital market, in particular Mundo Fintech.
  • Ability to hold fluent conversations in English, for which your level in the language must be advanced; It will be a plus to speak in Portuguese.
  • Ability to propose and thrive in a dynamic, collective, collaborative, multicultural and challenging client-centric environment where priorities and scope can change rapidly.
  • Strong interpersonal communication and relationship skills.
  • Autonomy and proactivity, focused on solutions and not problems.
  • Analytical, rational and well organized profile.

IT Product Analyst

  • Student or graduate of Systems or related careers. Previous experience of Integrations via APIs.
  • Knowledge of SQL (exclusive), of agile methodologies; of .Net and Java, REST API. Knowledge of Payment Means (Issuing and/or Acquiring Processing of Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards and EMV/Contactless Technologies).
  • Basic management of Postman (not exclusive) and Excel (not exclusive).
  • Management of tracking tools, preferably Azure (not exclusive).
  • Ability to hold fluent conversations in English, level in the language must be advanced; It will be a plus to speak in Portuguese.

Product Specialist ESG

  • Graduates of Business Administration, Economics, Industrial Engineering or an equivalent degree in business/finance with an interesting technical-financial background.
  • Knowledge about ESG, either from the perspective of certification / validation of ESG projects (second party opinion provider, external rating agency) as well as from having worked directly on projects of this nature.
  • Be bilingual in English to be able to develop proposals and interact, both in writing and verbally, with global teams on a recurring basis.
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User Support Juniors

  • Student or have completed a degree in economic sciences or related fields.
  • Have previous experience in operations areas and in the payments/technology industry.
  • Have knowledge of Data Analytics tools: SQL, Tableau.
  • Be an analytical person, curious, with a passion for data and problem solving.
  • Push the team to be more data driven on their way to operational excellence.
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to learn quickly in a Start-up environment.

Sr. Growth Data Analyst

  • Graduated in careers such as Business Administration, Engineering, Systems, Marketing or related careers.
  • Analytical, organizational and “problem solving” skills. Ability to dimension and prioritize tasks.
  • Business vision and ability to transform data into actionable insights. Attention to detail, proactive and with the ability to work as a team.
  • Experience in digital analytics (Google Analytics). Google Adwords and Facebook Business Manager. And experience with tagging platforms (Tealium, GTM, Adobe Tag Manager) is a plus.

Sr. Continuous Improvement (GETNET)

  • Professional in engineering, economic sciences or related fields
  • Have previous experience in process engineering, continuous improvement or similar positions.
  • Have knowledge of Data Analytics tools: SQL, Python, Tableau.
  • Be analytical, curious, data driven, structured thinking, with strong problem solving skills.
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to learn quickly in a Start-up environment.



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