A real gun that looks like a Lego toy

“A child’s dream come true”, says the American company that created the prototype of a real weapon with Lego parts. Irresponsible and dangerous, say firearms control advocates. Lego has already demanded that it be cancelled.

“Here is one of those childhood dreams coming true, the Block19 prototype, yes, it is possible to build with a Lego part”, says Culper Precision, a company from Utah, USA, regarding a real composite weapon ” for different parts and a red lightsaber” that in everything resembles a toy.

“We glued everything together and, surprisingly, [este protótipo] it survived a little more than 1500 rounds in automatic mode” in a shooting event held in mid-June, adds the company, which justifies this customization of a Glock weapon to “enhance the pure pleasure of shooting sports”.


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