A rare flying object was discovered on Google Maps.

Google Maps keeps surprising you with a strange find. For pedestrians, the map service recommends a detour via the motorway or guides drivers into rivers or lakes. However, this image is unlikely to appear on Google Maps.

In this image, a stealth bomber appears to be flying at high speed near Kansas City. Some Reddit users were able to identify the flying object as a Northrop B-2, a US fighter jet.

Google Maps: Curious pictures and creepy finds

Oddities in Google Maps

It is widely considered to be the most expensive fighter jet in the world. The U.S. Army is expected to spend over $ 100,000 on a one-hour flight. As a result, such an aircraft is rarely seen in the sky. The fact that there are only 20 of these makes it even more exciting to discover them on Google Maps.

If you’d like to see this rare find for yourself, use Google Maps and enable satellite view by entering the coordinates below. “39.021825476506685, -93.59461442269252” are the GPS coordinates for this location.

On the other hand, Google Maps produced some far stranger results. Images from the ruins of Chernobyl were found disturbing by users. Another person used the map service to find the body of a missing person.

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