A racist comment overshadowed the touching moment in which Roma coach Jose Mourinho gave his young player Felix Jian a new shoe after his two amazing goals against Genoa in the Italian league, last Sunday.

In a video clip broadcast by the Ghanaian striker, on Monday, the voice of a person away from the camera can be heard saying in Italian, “There are bananas inside,” when the 18-year-old was exploring what was inside the bag given to him by his Portuguese coach.

Neither Mourinho nor Gian, who spoke in English, commented on the statement made by the unknown person as the young striker was unpacking the contents of the gift box.

The video, which spread widely on social media, came after Gian participated as a substitute to score two great goals in Roma’s 2-0 victory over Genoa.

After the match, Mourinho said that he “promised him (Geant) a pair of shoes he liked that cost about 800 euros,” and the Portuguese coach fulfilled his promise.

The young man, who came to Rome from his native Ghana to join the under-19 team last January, made his first appearance with the first team last month and has not started any match with him so far.

He participated in the last quarter of an hour of the Genoa match and made a big difference when he scored the first goal before firing a huge shot in stoppage time to take Mourinho’s team to fifth place in the league standings.

Source: Reuters

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