This morning, Monday, Cairo International Airport left a private medically-equipped ambulance, bound for Nigeria, with medical staff and equipment equipped to transport a sick Egyptian citizen from Abuja and return him to the homeland, after his health conditions deteriorated there.

Informed sources at Cairo Airport said that a private ambulance plane left Cairo this morning, to transport the Egyptian citizen, “S. NS . P “and his accompanying wife, and return him to the homeland to complete treatment in Cairo hospitals, in light of the deterioration of his health there and the lack of medical services necessary for his condition.

According to the sources at Cairo Airport, the plane is scheduled to return to Cairo this evening, where quarantine crews and an ambulance are waiting for him at the airport to take him from the plane to a hospital in Cairo to complete his treatment.

According to the sources, the Egyptian citizen “S. NS . A., who is 53 years old, had traveled to Nigeria about a month ago, to search for a job in the field of tourism in which he works, but during his trip he contracted malaria and typhoid, followed by kidney failure after he underwent a blood transfusion in a hospital in Abuja As a result, he entered a coma, and continued there until his family was able to manage the costs of his return to Cairo.


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