A prisoner pretended to be a teacher and escaped from the Olmos prison through the main door

A man who was imprisoned for “attempted homicide” has kept the police and prison authorities on edge since early Saturday morning, when he escaped in the middle of a confusing and controversial episode from the Lisandro Olmos prison where he was staying.

The guards noticed the absence of Víctor Manuel Torres Barrera, 45, at the time of the routine count in the prison. The answer was found shortly after when reviewing the records of the security cameras: thus they discovered that the accused man had retired with absolute naturalness as one of the teachers of the secondary school that works within the prison establishment.

Víctor Manuel Torres Barrera has been a fugitive since early Saturday morning. (Photo: courtesy Diario Hoy).

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“It is strange that teachers have not noticed accompanied by one of the detainees”, highlighted a source close to the cause in dialogue with the portal 0221. In addition, he pointed out, the authorities of the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service (SPB) opened administrative proceedings against the ten agents who were on duty in the area where the escape occurred.

They investigate the 10 guards who were on duty the night of the escape.  (Photo: courtesy La Nación).
They investigate the 10 guards who were on duty the night of the escape. (Photo: courtesy La Nación).

In that sense, he added that the now fugitive managed to overcome five positions intermediate control and traverse about 120 meters from the building where the “intramuros” school works to the exit of the maximum security prison with nothing and no one to stop him.

The case for “evasion” was processed in the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) No. 5 of the La Plata Judicial Department. Meanwhile, the search tasks continue to find the whereabouts of the inmate who Until now he remains a fugitive of Justice.

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