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An investigation by the “World” had concluded that this CRS was at the origin of the shooting which had blinded Manuel Coisne during a demonstration of “yellow vests” in Paris in November 2019.

The investigation lasted more than three years. According to information from Mondewhich confirm an article of The voice of the Northa police officer member of a republican security company (CRS) was indicted in March as part of the judicial investigation opened following the serious injury of Manuel Coisne, shot in Paris on November 16, 2019.

In the video, which goes viral, which indicates the moment of his injury, the then 41-year-old man is seen talking away from the chaos with other demonstrators, near the Italy 2 shopping center, in the 13edistrict of Paris. Suddenly, a projectile hits his left eye violently.

The video investigation cell of the Monde had made it possible to demonstrate that a CRS, equipped with a Cougar grenade launcher, was at the origin of the shot which had struck Manuel Coisne’s eye. Fired at an insufficient angle, the tear gas grenade did not have time to open and hit the demonstrator’s face.

“This news is a relief, a small victory after four years of waitingconfides Manuel Coisne, who underlines the role played in the investigation by the witnesses and image takers present on the day of his injury. On November 16, 2019, this policeman stole my eye, he screwed up my life. I expect him to be severely condemned, banned from practicing and for this to serve as an example.»

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Total and permanent eye loss

A judicial investigation had been opened, quickly entrusted to an examining magistrate, for “willful violence by a person holding public authority followed by mutilation or permanent infirmity”, a criminal offense. Three days after the injury, a medical report had certified that the loss of the eye was total and permanent, with aesthetic and functional sequelae.

In 2023, Manuel Coisne must undergo a seventh ophthalmological operation. “It took me a while to find a job, and everything is more complicated nowsays the protester. My good eye has to compensate, so it tires and weakens faster, my vision drops on that side too. »

Solicited by The worldthe policeman’s lawyer, Maître Laurent-Franck Lienard, assures us: “We strongly contest this indictment decision, and we will contest it before the investigating chamber very soon. »

“The shooter identified by The world is probably the source of the grenade that wounds”

A ballistic expertise by an expert approved by the Paris Court of Appeal had also been ordered. Its conclusions confirmed the results of the investigation of the Monde: “Insofar as the investigation shows a single shot concomitant with the impact in the zone of origin of the shots, the shooter identified by the newspaper The world is probably the source of the grenade that wounds. »


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In June 2021, the compensation commission for victims of offenses of the Paris judicial court granted 30,000 euros in provisional compensation to Manuel Coisne, considering that the violence was “indisputable and that no fault [pouvait] be raised against[de Manuel Coisne]insofar as, as evidenced by the examination of the facts filmed by several cameras, he was talking calmly”.

«I do not forget either the prefect Lallement, whom I consider directly responsible for my situationadds Manuel Coisneit was his decisions, in particular to ban the demonstration at the last moment, which led to the trap which prevented us from going out, and which caused me to lose my eye.»

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