A plane transported judges to Lewis’ mansion

Judges, a prosecutor, a minister from Buenos Aires and a former member of the AFI traveled to Lago Escondido in a private planeand stayed a few days in the mansion of the British magnate Joe Lewis. The newspaper Page 12 revealed the information and defined it as a “secret meeting, in which key figures for the causes of the former president and CFK participated.”

The travelers were the judges Julian Ercolini, Paul Cayssials, Pablo Yadarola, Carlos Mahiqueshis son the prosecutor Juan Bautista Mahiquesthe Minister of Security of Larreta Marcelo D’Alessandro, Leo Bergrothformer Head of Legal of the SIDE and the President of Mediabit (media consultancy)Thomas Reinke.

Say could confirm that the plane had left San Fernando Airport under flight number 26,917, which departed on Thursday 13/10/2022 at 9:30, piloted by Tomás Rius Ezequiel Provenzano. The passenger list is on the official flight form.

The first information was known by the councilors of Bariloche and El Bolsón, Roxana Ferreyra and Rosa Monsalve.

Page 12 advances in interpretations, which have no confirmation, about the purpose of the meeting. He points out: “An analysis of the result leads to the conclusion that the conclave necessarily had as its theme the continuity of the use of justice for politics: guarantee that Mauricio Macri remains unpunished in the files in which he is accused – espionage, toll , Post , debt at the IMF- and the judicial harassment against Cristina Kirchner continues”.

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Macri has not hidden his link with Lewis. The businessman usually holds meetings with figures from politics and the economy at his ranch in Lago Escondido, a property of 12,000 hectares. As is well known, access to that paradisiacal place located between Bariloche and El Bolsón has been the focus of a judicial controversy for years.

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Ercolini was the one who executed Cristina Kirchner for the management of public works, also investigated the Hotesur case and considered it as proof that prosecutor Alberto Nisman was killed. Carlos Mahiques is a judge of Cassation and his son is head of the prosecutors of CABA. Pablo Cayssials is a judge in administrative litigation. And Pablo Yadarola is a judge in economic criminal matters, radicalism’s candidate for the Federal Chamber.

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