A piece of ice breaks off and drifts on Lake Michigan, around 30 people trapped

It is an unusual event that occurred on Saturday in Green Bay, a city located in eastern Wisconsin (United States) and bordering Lake Michigan. A large piece of ice broke off the shore taking with it about thirty people who had come for a walk or fishing, says a CNN article relayed by Slate.

Local authorities, quickly alerted to the situation, attended the scene and carried out a rescue operation as the piece of ice rapidly deteriorated and drifted for more than a kilometer.

No injuries to deplore

The Coast Guard could only take eight passengers on the hydrofoils at a time, making the operation tricky. They were all safely evacuated after spending nearly two hours on the ice.

An investigation has been opened to determine what could have caused the piece to fracture. According to a first hypothesis, issued by the sheriff, it could have occurred after the passage of a canoe in the bay.

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