A painful and weeping fate for Caesar (Kadhim El Saher) and sadness sweeping the Arab world.. Witness his horrific fate that grieved the Iraqi masses.! !

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The media office of the Iraqi artist Kazem El-Saher remained silent and did not provide any clarification about the news of Caesar’s death, which increased the anxiety of his fans and fans in the Arab world and caused them a real catastrophe.

A strange tweet by someone on Twitter caused great confusion and uproar about the health of the artist, Kazem El-Saher, and a state of anxiety among his fans over his health.

The tweet said that the Iraqi artist died in a hospital in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, adding that the cause of his death was shocking, and that his Moroccan wife poisoned him at dinner.

This strange tweet carries many unbelievable details, for several reasons, perhaps the most prominent of which is that the Iraqi artist did not marry

He had recently revealed his separation from his Tunisian fiancée, Sarah, who caused great confusion after the public circulated the news of his death with the change of events.

Many news spread about the death of El-Saher in a traffic accident in a European country, to be circulated among the public amid great questions and demands from his media office to go out to deny the news.



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