A New York restaurant breaks the Guinness record for selling the most expensive potatoes

Serendipity3 is an Upper East Side restaurant in New York that has reopened in a big way: it just broke its 10th Guinness World Record, this time for the most expensive French fries. This snack enjoyed by many costs a whopping $ 200 (169 euros) and is appropriately named ‘Creme de la Creme Pommes Frites’.

“I am speechless, overwhelmed, euphoric and excited … it is one of the most surreal experiences I have ever seen,” Frederick Schoen-Kiewert, chef de cuisine of Serendipity3, told the New York Post. Its creative director, Joe Calderone, has indicated that the reopening was “the perfect moment to do something really fun and show that New York is back“.

“Today I have the pleasure of delivering the title of Guinness World Record for Most Expensive French Fries to Serendipity3 for their Creme de la Creme Pommes Frites “, announced this Monday, July 19. Guinness Record judge Kaitlin Vesper.” Congratulations, you are now officially incredible. ”

Ten records behind him

Through Serendipity3’s collaboration with its higher-end suppliers, the store has been able to tap into “some ingredients that we don’t normally use every day,” Schoen-Kiewert said. Therefore, they thought that the fries could go accompanied by truffles and other “high-end creams”, like “mornay sauce, cheese sauce, and we wanted to be on top of that.”

The old woman who continues to work in the company she came to in 1956

The confidential

Calderone has lived the ten Guinness World Records that Serendipity has broken since 1998. The first of them was that of the biggest wedding cake in the world, 3,000 kilos and three meters high. This dessert was part of the Valentine’s Day celebration at the establishment, and that weekend all soup kitchens and homeless shelters had a slice of the cake.

“This is even more special because, coming out of the pandemic, it is welcome to have something to be excited about,” Calderone confessed. The man has pointed out that the restaurant will start accepting reservations for your fries from 169 euros shortly, whether for upscale Upper East Side dwellers or royal visitors.

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