a new update pushes the control panel a little further out

The Control Panel on Windows 11 is getting more and more outdated with each update. The next would bring the ability to remove all installed programs through Windows Settings. Currently, you have to go through the control panel menu to remove some of them.

Microsoft is at war with the control panel. However, the august menu is resisting. Even with Windows 11 and its total redesign, the Redmond firm couldn’t kick it out, but it continues to make it obsolete little by little.

For this, Microsoft places the options available in this control panel directly in the Windows settings. The next Windows 11 update would bring the possibility of remove all software from the PC through the settings.

Microsoft definitely wants to kill the Control Panel

On Windows 11, the OS settings already allow you to remove software. However, some applications can only be accessed through the Control Panel. These are Win32 applications. The next update therefore allows the settings menu to recognize these apps and give the possibility for the user to delete them. Even more, she will be able to uninstall dependent applications one by one, such as games and Steam, for example. Thus, the user will no longer have any reason to open the control panel.

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It is not known when this update will be available. This is a minor change which could happen at any time. Microsoft could also choose to distribute this novelty next October, the date scheduled for the big annual update of Windows 11.

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This panel is not going away. Even hidden in the depths of Windows 11, it is there and still represents the only way to access certain options. But as Windows Latest specifies, the Redmond firm has not finished with it and intends to move all the options available there to the settings.

Years from now, the Control Panel should normally be just a memory…unless it continues to resist.



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