A new study warns Corona patients: These diseases may affect you after the…

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Monday 09 May 2022

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It seems that the effects of the Corona virus do not stop after recovery. Apart from the symptoms of long-term Covid, there are some diseases that may affect patients after recovery..

According to a new study conducted by the University of Washington, published in the journal Nature, and reported by hindustantimes, there are several diseases that may strike the recovering after recovery.

The study adds that some patients are at risk of contracting these diseases after recovering from Covid:

brain attack

nervous system disorders

mental health problems


heart disease

Kidney disease

blood clots

Recovered people also face the risk of sudden death from others for up to 6 months after contracting the virus, including mild cases, and many studies conducted in the United States during 2020-2021 found that complications that affect the vascular system, respiratory system, heart and system Nervousness can lead to death.

The study revealed that some patients who were hospitalized because of Corona had increased levels of liver enzymes, and this means that the person’s liver was damaged at least temporarily, and heart attacks and strokes increased in those recovering from Covid.

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