A new shock about eating eggs from domestic poultry … serious diseases for public health, beware of it

A recent study showed that poultry eggs raised at home contain lead that is 40 times higher than the normal dose, than is available in the market. On ScienceDirect, a team of 3 universities and research rooms reported that lead levels in household eggs seriously affect an individual’s overall health.

High level of lead in the body

Several previous studies have stated that among the negative consequences of a high level of lead in the body are diseases of the circulatory system, a decrease in IQ, in addition to a decrease in the performance of liver functions, and according to the warnings of the world Health Organization, there are still no safe levels for exposure of the human body to lead. .

A new shock about eating eggs from domestic poultry. Serious diseases beware of it

Lead poisoning in domestic poultry

The website pointed out that the new study looked at the extent of lead poisoning of domestic poultry, and indicated what this means for urban gardening methods and food production, and the study pointed out that old houses are very close to city centers, and contain high levels of soil contamination, pointing out that It exposes residents to elevated levels of lead due to the ingestion of eggs from domestic poultry Soil samples from the gardens surrounding 55 Sydney homes were examined, targeting various poultry feed and water sources.

High level of lead in the blood

He said that the main source of the high percentage of lead in the blood of poultry is the high concentration of lead in the soil around the poultry breeding environment, while the increase in lead in water and feed is one of the secondary factors for the increase. in lead concentration in household eggs, and that eating one egg a day will lead to increasing the level of lead in the blood.

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