12:58 PM

Saturday 02 October 2021

I wrote – Dina Khaled:

Gold prices rose during trading today, Saturday, compared to yesterday’s prices, by about two pounds per gram.

Naguib Club, Secretary General of the Gold Division of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce previously, told Masrawy that the price of a gram of 21 carat gold recorded today 773 pounds, compared to 771 pounds yesterday.

Najib added that the price of a gram of 18 carat gold recorded about 663 pounds, and the price of a 24 carat gram about 883 pounds, and the price of the gold pound was about 6184 pounds.

Globally, global gold prices rose by 0.23% at the end of trading yesterday – the last session of the week -, according to Bloomberg Agency data.

The price of an ounce of gold rose to $1,760.9 at the end of trading yesterday.

Today and tomorrow is an official holiday in global stock exchanges.


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