A new Pandora’s box

A new Pandora’s box

The investigation commission established by the federal government to investigate the alleged audio leaks includes the senior-most judge of the Supreme Court, Justice Qazi Faiz Isa, Chief Justice Balochistan High Court Justice Naeem Akhtar Afghan and Chief Justice Islamabad High Court Justice Aamir Farooq. Act, 2016. The important announcement made by the Alleged Audio Leaks Inquiry Commission to make the proceedings public is being watched with interest. According to the commission, if any sensitive matter comes up, the request for in-camera action will be reviewed. The head of the commission, Justice Faiz Isa, said that the proceedings of the inquiry commission will be held in the Supreme Court Islamabad Building. Two women are also included among those who are to be inquired about. If there is a request, the commission can also go to Lahore for action. Justice Qazi Faiz Isa said that the commission has been established only to determine the facts. On behalf of the government. After the telephonic conversations between the top judicial officials and their relatives and some other important persons became public, the investigation is headed by the senior-most judge of the Supreme Court, who will become the Chief Justice in a few months. The three-member commission that has been appointed should first begin by getting information about the sources and those responsible for the audio leaks so that the authenticity of the audio tapes can be verified. It does not appear that despite being a principled and strict judge, the head of the commission considered it appropriate to ignore this point while explaining the rules and procedures. However, despite this, there is no reason to be hopeless about the establishment of the commission and its work because the commission has not yet started its work. How does one seriously try to make this issue fruitful and what is achieved? There is also a response to challenge the establishment of the commission in the Supreme Court. If it happens, it will be very interesting that the current Chief Justice will be the future Chief Justice regarding the phone calls of important persons including an elderly lady of his family and other friends. The commission under the chairmanship will hear the case or what kind of bench is formed in this regard and how the objections are answered. The government’s position is that the establishment of the commission has been implemented only for the purpose of ensuring the reputation of the judiciary, impartiality and transparency. Which will have further impact on the justice system. The commission will utilize the services of experts of Punjab Forensic Lab to analyze the recordings of telephone calls with meticulous and technical expertise to determine whether these calls are fake or authentic. Opinions will be important, and the procedures put in place for gathering evidence and testifying do not seem likely to produce substantial evidence from the public and individuals on this sensitive and technically complex issue. This act of shooting arrows in the dark is also seen as a tendency to turn away from the direction from which the arrows are likely to come. The question of investigation of the factors and their implementation will be vexing. Recording private conversations is itself a crime, the perpetrators of which cannot be kept out of the ambit of the law. Without considering who made them, for what purpose, and under what legal sanction, the entire country is witness to the fact that Justice Isa and his family were previously deprived of their personal finances. How they had to suffer because of the fake results that were declared as illegal investigations. The Commission should at least try to expose such elements in the public interest. Finally, it is encouraging that the Commission has decided to make its proceedings public despite the need to proceed with caution. Will be. Given the fraught political environment and the control of certain constituencies over matters of law and administration, it will be a challenge to ensure that the judiciary remains above the chaos affecting other branches of the state. It will be interesting to see how this sets the precedent.



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