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A new oil field containing more than 50 billion barrels discovered in Iran, said President – National

Iran has discovered a new oil field in the south of the country with more than 50 billion barrels of crude oil, its president said Sunday, a discovery that could increase the country's proven reserves by one-third. fight to sell energy abroad under US sanctions.

Hassan Rouhani's announcement comes as Iran faces overwhelming sanctions from the United States after the US withdrew its nuclear deal with world powers last year.

Iran begins construction of second nuclear reactor while nuclear agreement is taking place

Rouhani made the announcement during a speech in the city of Yazd, in the desert, Hassan Rouhani. He pointed out that this field was located in Khuzestan province, in the south of Iran, where is located its crucial oil industry.

Some 53 billion barrels would add to Iran's proven reserves of about 150 billion barrels, he said.

"I tell the White House that, at the time you sanctioned the sale of Iranian oil and put pressure on our country, the country's dear workers and engineers have been able to discover 53 billion barrels of oil in a big field, "said Rouhani.

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Oil reserves refer to economically profitable crude to extract. The numbers can vary enormously from one country to another because of different standards, even if this remains a criterion for comparison between oil-producing countries.

Iran begins milestone in construction of second nuclear power plant

Iran begins milestone in construction of second nuclear power plant

Iran currently owns the world's fourth largest proven crude oil deposit and the second largest natural Yazdas deposit in the world. It shares with Qatar a vast offshore deposit in the Persian Gulf.

The new oil field could become the second largest oil field in Iran after the 65 billion barrels at Ahvaz. The deposit has an area of ​​2400 km 2 and the deposit has a depth of 80 m, said Rouhani.

Since the United States withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal, other countries – Germany, France, Britain, Russia and China – have been trying to save it. However, they offered no means by which Iran could sell its oil abroad. Since then, Iran has exceeded the storage and enrichment limits of the agreement and has begun using advanced centrifuges prohibited by the agreement. It has also just begun to inject uranium gas into centrifuges located in an underground facility.

The collapse of the nuclear deal coincided with a tense summer of mysterious attacks on oil tankers and Saudi oil facilities, which the United States blamed on Iran. Tehran denied the charges, although it seized oil tankers and shot down a US military surveillance UAV.

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