In recent days there has been a lot of talk about Xbox, partly because of its recent Xbox Games Showcase, and secondly because users already want to know if there really is a second next-generation console, which until now is known as Xbox. Series S.

Everything indicates that it will be in August when Xbox reveals this new console, which will be much cheaper compared to the Xbox Series X, and although it will also be less powerful, it would be more powerful than the Xbox One X.

There are several clues that make us think that the Xbox Series S exists, references to it have been found in games, the director of 343 Industries (creators of Halo) have even referred to Scarlett (code name of the next-generation Xbox) in plural, and the most important is that the company has already discontinued the Xbox One All Digital Edition, which would indicate that a new exclusive console for digital games is coming.

The final clue ?: a new generation white control is leaked

The latest Xbox-related leak now has to do with a photo that was posted on Reddit and shortly thereafter was removed. In it you can see the control of the Xbox Series X but in white. This could be interpreted in two ways, that there will be a white version of the Xbox Series X, or that it is the control of the Xbox Series S.

Credit: The Verge.

It is not impossible that Microsoft will launch a X Series console in white this year, but it is a bit strange, after all, the company usually releases many color models and special editions of its consoles, but it does not usually do so on launch day, or at least that’s what happened with its last two consoles.

On the other hand, if so, it is very likely that the company had already made an announcement in this regard, although if it really is a control for the Xbox Series X, then this color may be announced along with the price and availability of Series X.

But what makes us think that this is the control for the S Series, is that the Windows Central site that has inside information about Microsoft products had already announced that the S Series was apparently going to be launched in a different color than the Series. X, and surely it would be in white, as it was presented at the time the Xbox One All Digital Edition.

As The Verge mentions, the photo was taken at a party in Washington by the son of a Microsoft employee, although we must not forget that being a rumor, we must take all this with great care.