A new love for ex-ORF General Alexander Wrabetz

Leona Koenig and Alexander Wrabetz

© Franz Neumayr

At the Salzburg Festival, Alexander Wrabetz and Leona König officially appeared as lovers for the first time.

von Dieter Chmelar

Salzburg is officially amazed by something that has long been known unofficially: the former ORF general director Alexander Wrabetz (62) and since her (supposedly settled millions) divorce from steel magnate peter king (74) generous patron of the classic young talent Leona King (42) are lovers.

After the end of her 13-year marriage, which also produced a daughter, now in her teens, the Czech-born author and presenter (“The Golden Note”) devoted herself to gifted children as the founder and chairwoman of the music association.

Wrabetz had already been seen in the company of König at various social events. However, reference was always made to a “purely friendly relationship”, such as at the ROMY Gala 2022 in the Vienna Hofburg.

The fact that Wrabetz’ Festival of Love (he is also divorced) now leads from the Küniglberg directly to the Kingdom of Kings is considered the Golden Footnote of Salzburg 2022.

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