A new increase in the price of iron.. The prices of building materials today are worrying contractors

The prices of building materials are still a crisis that troubles contractors and everyone who wanted to build a new property, since the skyrocketing rise it recorded with the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine and its bad economic repercussions.

Iron was the building material that was most affected by the economic crisis, as its prices witnessed successive large increases, and the price did not settle for only a few days.

After iron prices fell last Thursday by 278 pounds per ton and reached 19,984 pounds in the price of a ton of Ezz Dekheila iron, the most famous in Egypt, they rose again, today, Sunday, to record 20,284 pounds.

While cement prices kept their stability and stability for a long time, after the recent rise that accompanied the rise in the price of the dollar, it recorded a slight increase today.

Building materials prices today

In the following lines, we monitor for you the average prices of building materials in the Egyptian market for today, Sunday, April 17, based on what was reported by the local and international price portal of the Cabinet Information Center.

Iron prices in Egypt

The average price of investment iron reached about 19654 pounds per ton, compared to 19,316 pounds last Thursday.

The price of a ton of iron from Ezz Dekheila Company increased to 20,284 pounds, compared to 19,984 pounds last Thursday.

The price of iron from the companies of Al-Attal, Sarhan, Al-Marakbi, Beshai and Al-Masriyin, reached about 20 thousand pounds per ton.

– In the Misr Steel, Maadi, and El-Koumi companies, the price was about 19,700 pounds per ton of iron.

Cement prices in Egypt

The price of gray cement reached 1562 pounds per ton.

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The price of white cement is about 2785 pounds per ton.

wood prices

As for wood prices, they recorded a significant decline today, Sunday, as follows

The price of beech wood reached 12580 pounds per ton.

The price of white wood reached about 8231 pounds per ton.



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