A “new” function is supposed to save the battery

There are several ways to preserve the battery over its service life. A popular method, for example, is a function that recognizes when you get up in the morning and only charges the smartphone shortly beforehand.

In this way, the battery is not charged to 100 percent over and over again overnight (it also discharges). However, Google has built in a “new” function in the Pixel smartphones that is supposed to save the battery a little.


Google Pixel: It’s over at 80 percent

Why is that “new” in quotes? The feature seems to have been available for a few months, but it was only really discovered now that the XDA Developers themselves became aware of it on Android 12.

The function is not only compatible with the latest model from Google and not only with Android 12, it can be used with the Pixel 3 (and upwards) and Android 11. But what exactly is the function about?

Under two specific circumstances it can happen that the Google Pixel only charges up to 80 percent. According to Google, this happens when you load it either continuously (longer than 4 days) or when playing intensive games.

Then it can happen that the system makes the decision that the limit is 80 percent and shows this on the display with an “Optimizing for battery health”. But don’t worry, this is of course not permanent.

Google Pixel: Back to 100 percent

If you remove the smartphone from the charging cable and restart it (or wait 10 minutes), you can then fully charge the Google Pixel again. Incidentally, Google already explains this function on a support page.

Maybe you should announce something in advance, because the voices on Reddit and Co. were initially a bit negative and users thought that something was wrong with the Pixel smartphone. So the idea is good and it’s nice that Google is still active here, but an explanation would have made things easier.

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