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“A new Egyptian gas treasure,” according to the Italian company Eni, describing the “Basharoush” well, which is the first exploration well in the concession area north of Al Hammad.

France’s Total said on Tuesday that it had reached a gas discovery in a well off the coast of Egypt with its partners BP and Total.

She stated that the discovery in the well of Boshroush in the North Hammad concession, 11 kilometers from the Egyptian coast, and Eni and BP each have a 37.5 percent stake in the North Hammad concession, while Total’s share is 25 percent.

Al-Masry Al-Youm monitors the most important information about the new disclosure

1. The Bishroush well is located inside Egyptian waters in the Nile Delta in the Mediterranean, northwest of the Noros Field.

2. Experts say that the size of proven reserves in the field is estimated at 250 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

3. Bhrous extends at a depth of 22 meters, 11 km from the coast, 12 km northwest of the Nawras field and about 1 km west of the Baltim field southwest.

4. Last June, the Italian company “Eni” announced that it had succeeded, in cooperation with the British company “BP”, in drilling the first exploration well in the North Hammad license, in Egyptian waters in the Nile Delta.

5. The Italian company Eni, with its BP and Total partners, in coordination with the Egyptian petroleum sector, started to develop visualization options for this new discovery.

6. Italian Eni owns about 37.5% of North Hammad franchise, where it works as an operator of the field, while the British company BP has about 37.5%, and Total 25%.

It is noteworthy that the reserves of the Mediterranean basin of gas, estimated at 122 trillion cubic feet, and about 107 billion barrels of crude oil, according to studies of the General Organization for Geological Survey in the United States of America.

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