Yes, Kate met Prince William at a very young age, but she still had a life before him. Kate was in a relationship with another handsome boy she met at St Andrews University, like William. His name is Rupert Finch, has since married, and has just become a dad for the third time. The two had decided to go their separate ways within a year of starting their relationship but still kept in touch. On June 27, Rupert and his wife (creator of the London label Beulah London) welcomed a little girl, India Grace Libertine. And it was in the British press that the birth was revealed.

Moreover, they had recently confided in the choice of this first name:“My business and the social mission we support have many links with India. Rupert and I have always loved the name India, it was the only first name we both agreed on ”, she said. The couple already had two daughters, Georgia 5 and Cienna 3. And obviously, the two older ones are delighted with the arrival of their little sister, Rupert’s wife confided: “She gets stroked and stung by her sisters all day long […] They are so excited. “

Rupert and Kate will not have ended up together but they will have both had three children!

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